About Wright Path

Wright Path is a private counselling serviced owned and operated by Derek Wright, a Psychotherapist and registered Soical Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers.

Wright Path offers counselling assistance for numerous concerns including but not limited to:

• depression
• anxiety
• addictions
• financial pressures
• suicidal thoughts or attempts
• anger management
• phobias
• parenting issues

• relationship/family concern
• child/youth behaviour concerns
• sexual and physical abuse
• domestic abuse
• trauma
• eating disorders
• low self-esteem
• grief/loss

If something is troubling you or a loved one, private counseling may be beneficial in helping you to gain support, address the issues, and to learn how to cope more effectively. If you just need someone to talk to, who understands and who will not judge you, then call today for an appointment - we can help you to get back on the Wright Path.

Sessions are private, or might include your spouse, your children, or other loved ones at your request. An initial consultation is about an hour and fifteen minutes, and regular sessions thereafter are about an hour in length and can be scheduled every week, or every two weeks, or in accordance with your needs.